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Welcome to 3Oats.com!

3 Oats Creative is a family operated business interested in creating an environment for the encouragement of small and micro business development.

The sprouting of 3 Oats Creative is in response to our society's current trend of mass production. Being an artisan in these conditions can prove to be trying times. Not only do you devote your time and energy to your art, self-promotion often requires being a designer, photographer, marketing guru, sales person, accountant, web master, and much more. Ultimately all of your newfound responsibilities diminish the time spent on your true passion.

3 Oats Creative personally guarantees satisfaction with everything on this site and our goal is to create a pleasurable shopping experience for you.

Comments and feedback are encouraged and appreciated.
You can email us at info@3oats.com

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706 10th Street E
Wabasha, MN 55981

(800) 497-5894


Multimedia Art Gallery


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