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Artisan Information

Artisan Affiliate Benefits
Product Promotion
Partnering with 3Oats.com increases sales because we provide you with the visibility through proven marketing strategies and techniques. You will reach markets that were formerly unattainable, creating new possibilities for your business.

Product Control
At 3Oats.com, you may control your own inventory levels. Whether you have a one off original art or a reproducible set of works, you have control. You can adjust the inventory for accuracy and when the last item sells it vanishes from view on the web. Add more and continue sales. The personal artisan portal is set up for your ease of use.
No Risks
No Initial Expense
There are no up-front costs involved in when you become a 3Oats.com Artisan Affiliate, our adjustment is applied to the sale.

Drop shipping costs are reimbursed 100%.

3Oats.com prescreens all issues that arise. Only legitimate claims will be forwarded.

All sales that happen from the 16th to the 15th of the month are paid on the 1st of the following month.

For more information on becoming a 3Oats.com artisan affiliate, please contact us at info@3Oats.com, or call us at (800)497-5894, (651)204-0501 metro St. Paul, (612)605-7955 metro Minneapolis. Also view our information page for more contact information.


Multimedia Art Gallery


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